How You Can Help

dr-mark-praying-with-patient-420wThe Faithful Servants Care Center exists to provide free urgent health care with Christ-like compassion for those without insurance and access to traditional health care. We can only do this with your help!

We are so grateful for your support. Each gift, regardless of its size, makes a difference to the patients we care for every day. Below are some of the things your tax-deductible contribution can do:

$10 will buy:
  • A diagnosis and treatment with a course of higher tier antibiotics (UTI, strep throat, etc)
  • Equipment needed to run the Piccollo lab machine for one day
$15 will buy:
  • Two aerosals that will break an asthma attack for a child or adult in distress
  • EKG for a cardiac patient
  • Comprehensive blood work for one patient
$50 will buy:
  • An antibiotic and aerosol treatment to keep an asthmatic out of the hospital
$75 will buy:
  • Cover all our utilities and rent costs for one day
$100 will buy:
  • 10 courses of Augmentin antibiotic
$400 will buy:
  • One MRI for a patient (usual cost for this is $4000)
$600 will buy:
  • Cover all our utilities and rent costs for one week
$1500 will buy:
  • Meds for a whole month’s worth of patients

YES, I would like to help the ministry of Faithful Servants Care Center!

Faithful Servants Care Center is a subdivision of Faithful Servants Mission. Donations should be made to:

Faithful Servants Mission
65 Community Road, Suite F
Tallmadge, Ohio 44278


Faithful Servants Mission is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity.